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How to find love of your life, secret to great love – Casanova

How to find love of your life, secret to great love - CasanovaCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEHello, my name is Dr. Joshi and I wanted to share a true story about a dear friend of mine named Mike.

Mike worked in the Materials Handling department at a hospital I was interning. The divorce had taken its toll, financially and physically on him, but he was still trying his best to get on with his life. Mike was a great, stand-up guy.

Me and Perry were watching Mike try to meet a girl in line at the hospital cafeteria. He had the balls to talk to this pretty girl in line. But as much as he tried, he just couldn’t make it work. Perry laughed at Mike. Perry was this pretty-boy doc with a trust fund. I was pissed. Mike was trying, and this piece of shit wants to laugh at him? So I bet Perry a grand that the next week, in this cafeteria line, Mike would pick up a girl in front of him. Perry took that bet, thinking it was going to be easy money. Perry didn’t know that I had perfected a teaching system that could turn any guy into Casanova.

He had spent so much money, time and gained weight while the relationship died. Mike told me his deepest, darkest fear:

We all go through cold streaks. But the longer it goes on the harder it is to snap out of it. The easier it is just to be pissed off and watch porn.

I felt bad for Mike. More than winning the bet with that POS Perry, I wanted to see Mike win. Why? Because what happened with his wife was shady. And until you bang someone way hotter than your ex you’ll always feel like you lost.

For me personally, after I found out my fiancé cheated, I just dumped her, dated someone hotter the next week, and fell in love with a beautiful blonde nurse a month later. My ex would keep seeing me at the hospital, on social media, or out having the time of my life with beautiful women. I did better than her after the break-up, because I knew everything I needed to do to win the break-up game and meet women.

Looking back, Mike actually had everything he needed on the day to be a winner. He just needed to put it all together in the.right.sequence. If you follow the right three steps, you can get almost any girls number. “If you follow the right sequence of steps you can get almost any girls number ”.

All I needed to do was teach Mike how to do these three steps and he would find a new girl, and I’d make a grand. And Mike had already done the hardest part.

There is not a complex fourteen point plan. You don’t need to insult a woman or dress like a fucking Peacock. You don’t have to memorize complicated routines.

The answer? Because there’s too much noise. Too many people’s opinions about it. Too much shit in popular culture about it. Too many people claiming too many ridiculous things.

I must have read and tried at least 4 of the top programs before I finally realized that they all suffered from the same fatal flaw:

Why would I set myself up for rejection and put all the power in the woman’s hands– if I didn’t have to?

Plus, why should I have to lie and try to con some woman into sleeping with me– if I don’t have to?

The problem is that most dating products are looking at the situation completely backwards and essentially making it seem like you are some kind leper who can’t tell the truth or get laid without manipulating someone.

Wrong. Women actually love pick-up lines if they are even remotely clever and possibly involve a pun and their name. What they HATE are presumptive pick-up lines that cross over into sexual too soon.

Wrong. If done right, they absolutely love it and provides a harmless ego boost. What they HATE is being approached by guys who are presumptive and cross into sexual way too quickly. Patience, boys, patience.

Wrong. Unless gold diggers happen to be your thing, most women are not going to rule you out over your job or the amount of money in your wallet. This is a bullshit excuse, not a fact for most women.

Wrong. Have you ever seen Keith Richards? Now it’s true, it’s true: Keith got some creases in his pants from lugging around a fat ass wallet, no doubt. But, Keith also has ONE critical quality that also makes him absolutely irresistible to women and it has zero to do with his bank account or fame….(more on this later!).

Wrong. Ultimately, women are not going to respect any man without a spine that caters to their every single whim or has to lie to get laid. But make NO MISTAKE: While I am saying that you don’t need to kiss ass 24/7, this does NOT mean “Oh, so now I can just be a dick”. Just sayin’, they aren’t quite the same thing.

And gentlemen: I Science’d the shit of this stuff. I read through hundreds of studies on dating and attraction. I studied Evolutionary Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology to track the root origins of attraction, pair-bonding, and sexual attraction.

Finally, I discovered the three simple yet vital keys to attracting virtually any woman you want and NEVER being alone again unless you want to be!

Don’t be fooled: Mastering each of these keys is separates the men who go to bed alone or with someone they don’t really want to be with– and men who have to choose which woman to take to bed each night!

But let me be clear: Knowing these keys gets you nowhere. Shit, I could print this up on… Read more…

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